Why do our products stand out from others?

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Unique Design

Apus Sports accessories go through the process of being designed, produced and tested before they reach our clients. We cooperate with the best Polish designers in order to create the best products. We research the market as to which products clients are interested in and what expectations they have. We release new prototypes which are rigorously tested and then maximally improved until the quality of our product is able to satisfy the most demanding clients.


We are fully aware that customers nowadays are saavy when it comes to quality and safety considerations, therefore the confirmation of our products’ production from independent/third-party institutions/authorities is crucial.

We applied to the Certifying Body TÜV Rheinland and went through the process of testing and research. Apus Sports Palladium dumbbells and Mercury Olympic weights completed the process and we are very proud to announce that we recieved certification of our products by the Certifying Body TÜV Rheinland.

Quality of the materials

Apus Sports products are made of the highest quality materials because our goal is to maximize their lifetime, durability and ergonomics.

Among the materials used in the production of our accessories is polyurethane which is effectively replacing rubber.

Why have we chosen to use polyuerthane in some of our products?

Cracking, deformation and scuffing are elements that we are able to eliminate by using polyurethane.
Having accessories which are esthetically pleasing is an element we notice when training.
Polyurethane is moredurable from scuffing than rubber and it is odorless, whereas rubber may emit an unpleasant smell.
Polyurethane’s surface is easy to maintain when considering the hygenic standards and esthetics over long-term use—which are very important factors.