Undoubtedly, order and cleanliness at the gym are things to which majority of us pays attention to. Maintenance of order depends largely on employees, but each gym-goer should remember about several fundamental issues. Footwear to change into and a towel are obviously necessary, but I would like to pay special attention to the culture surrounding physical exercises – unwritten gym rules and how to exercise to leave the place clean.

Racks and hangers in action

Every professional gym is equipped not only with exercise equipment but also with weight racks. The majority of them are mounted directly to machines or exercise benches, however, one may also find free-standing ones. Despite this, gyms are often messy – scattered plates, bars, dumbbells, kettles, mats and stability balls. Probably each of you was often frustrated because of that – you needed to use some accessories but could not find them because they were not in their right place. You must remember that you are not alone at the gym, and everyone would like to exercise making full use of offered equipment.
Fitness and functional training lovers do not lack solutions for maintaining order. After finishing stretching or ABS workout, mats should be disinfected and put away. If you use resistance bands, you should also remember not to leave them lying around.
Special mat hangers and resistance band hangers are useful for this purpose. They are usually mounted to the wall. In the functional zone one can find stability ball racks and kettlebell racks – use them.

Sacred principle: you exercise – you put away

After completing a series, it is mandatory to remove weights from barbells and machines and place them on a special weight rack. Thanks to it, the order will be maintained, and next users will enjoy clean exercise environment. The same applies to dumbbells, so when you see a dumbbell rack, do not be afraid of using it. Try to put dumbbells together and place them on a rack in such a way so as not to waste time on looking for a pair. At some gyms there is also a dumbbell set with a rack. These are usually dumbbells weighing 1-10 kg. Most bars are placed on benches, however, the ones we use for other multi-joint exercises also have their own place. Olympic barbell, cumbered barbell or pre-loaded barbell racks are perfect for storing them. There are many advantages – firstly, they do not take up too much space, and they can be easily found. Secondly, barbells do not knock against one another which makes them last longer.
Remember that basic cultural norms must be followed at the gym as in any other public place. That is why each time you complete an exercise, you should leave your exercise environment clean and tidy.