There is a reason why it is assumed that water is the source of life. It is the most important component of the human body. Depending on the age, our body contains 60-70% of water. Elderly persons’ bodies contain a little bit less water because of the loss of muscle mass.
A healthy human being needs between 2-2.5l of water per day. Human body cannot store it, that is why one should remember to replenish water supply regularly. 2-4% dehydration level can significantly reduce physical performance.
How to take care of your hydration during increased physical effort so as not to lead to dehydration?

What to drink after a workout?

At the beginning it should be pointed out that our need for fluids increases during enhanced physical activity because we lose huge amount of water in sweat. Paradoxically, you must take care of high water intake not only when the temperature is higher, but also when it is low. Lower temperatures increase energy expenditure used for heating the body and, therefore, our fluid consumption also increases.
Ordinary spring water is perfect for replenishing fluids during a light workout. Mineral water or isotonic drinks are better during longer and more strenuous exercise. They quickly hydrate your body and replenish minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc.). In contrary to spring water, mineral water contains minimum 1000mg/l of dissolved minerals. You must remember to avoid colourful beverages or juices! (not only during a workout ☺). Although they are a source of quick energy, they dehydrate your body in the first place as a result of osmotic pressure compensation.

How much water one should drink during a workout?

Actually, everything depends on gender, muscle mass, age, intensity and training volume or air temperature of an environment in which we exercise. It is hard to say precisely how much fluid we should drink.
Average fluid consumption at the level of 0.7-1l should be enough during exercise. However, during very intense and advanced workouts it may even exceed 2l. You should also remember to begin hydrating your body before a workout. Preferably, you should drink beverages regularly in small quantities, and not only when you feel thirsty.

Isotonic drink and water?

Isotonic drinks are definitely better because they hydrate your body the most quickly and effectively. They contain easily absorbed carbohydrates and minerals lost in sweat. The most important of them are sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Additionally, some of them contain also a whole selection of vitamins.
If you want to prepare such a drink on your own, nothing could be easier ☺ Just add a few spoons of honey, dash of Himalayan salt and freshly squeezed juice of one lemon to a bottle of water.

Drink and exercise to be healthy

It is incredibly important to stay hydrated during a workout! Regular and systematic water drinking will allow us not only to obtain much better results during exercise but also in our everyday life. It prevents heart diseases, balances pH level in the body, cleanses the skin, accelerates metabolism, and it may even alleviate headaches which are a common symptom of dehydration.
I hope that we do not need to convince you any longer, so grab your bottles and have a good workout!