Full Body Workout is a workout routine which consists of exercising all muscle groups during one training session.
FBW is based mainly on all multi-joint exercises, so machine exercises do not make much sense in this case.
A training plan example should contain, among others: squats, deadlifts, barbell rows, chest and shoulder presses.
This workout will allow us to build a solid base reflected in strong and proportional physique. A majority of classic training plans consists of dividing muscle groups in such a way so as to work out each of them once a week. FBW system is completely different because each muscle group is stimulated several times a week.

How long should FBW last?

Actually, it depends on many factors, although it is assumed that it should last 45-80 minutes. It is an ideal gym workout plan for beginners as well as intermediate-skilled persons. We must also remember that workouts should be relatively short but intense.
Due to the fact that a majority of the plan is based on multi-joint exercises, one must remember about a good warm-up which should last around 10 minutes.
It is also very important to use proper exercise technique and adjust weight accordingly so as to minimise the risk of an injury.

FBW and results

FBW is perfect not only for mass building but also for fat burning. The main advantage of such gym workout plan is secretion of large amounts of anabolic hormones which not only contributes to the development of muscle tissue but also helps burn adipose tissue.
Another advantage of FBW is that one works out with dumbbells and an exercise bar, so it is perfect for persons who exercise only at home and do not have a lot of space for big machines. Such persons will also need a solid bench whose angle and barbell load can be adjusted.
Working out using this system gives awesome results not only in terms of mass building but also in terms of body sculpting. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an intermediate-skilled person. If you have exercised using standard methods, you must absolutely try FBW!

You can work out using Full Body Workout two or three times a week. More advanced people may exercise even four times a week. Remember to take care of good regeneration and take one rest day if there is such possibility.

Check out the training plan example featured below:

2-day FBW plan (for example Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday)

-barbell squats 5×10
-bent over barbell row 5×10
-barbell bench press 5×10
-dumbbell overhead press 4×12
-bench dip – maximum 3 repetitions

-dumbbell static lunge 4×10 for each leg
-pull-ups on a bar – maximum 5 repetitions
-incline dumbbell press 5×10
-lateral dumbbell shrug 4×12
-barbell biceps curl 3×12

3-day FBW plan may look very similar. However, one should remember that weekly training volume should not be too high after adding a third workout unit. The example of a plan:

3-day FBW plan (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

-deadlift – 4×10 repetitions
-dumbbell row 4×12 repetitions
-incline dumbbell press 4×12,10,8,6 repetitions
-military press 4×10,10,8,8 repetitions
-close grip barbell bench press 3×12 repetitions

-dumbbell static lunge 4×10 repetitions for each leg
-pull-ups on a bar – maximum 4 repetitions
-barbell bench press 4×12,10,8,6 repetitions
-lateral dumbbell shrug 4×15 repetitions
-barbell biceps curl 3×12 repetitions

-barbell squats 4×10 repetitions
-bent over barbell row 4×10 repetitions
-incline barbell press 4×10 repetitions
-dumbbell overhead press 4×12 repetitions
-bench dips – maximum 3 repetitions